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What we have Accomplished

We have adopted 5 rhinos - Baby Lisa, Thabo, Ntombi, Mona and in amazing news, the new born baby rhino Sissi, who was born in March 2020 during COVID-19!!!  We have also adopted 8 elephants - Nana, the original matriarch; Frankie, the late matriarch; Gobisa, Frankie's mate; Mandla, Nana's son and the largest bull in the herd, Marula, the new matriarch, Mabula, the Yoga elephant, Rambo, and ET, who had seen tragedy early on when every member of her herd was massacred.
We also adopted Savannah, Thula Thula's first cheetah!

I have recently started collaborating with a Wildlife Conservation NGO in India called Wildlife SOS. Wildlife SOS was founded in 1995. Rhea is a 58 year old former circus elephant. She was rescued in 2016, and she had arthritic limbs and worn out foot pads from the long days of standing, walking and performing without rest

Last, but not least, a supporter of @ayansartforconservation adopted Triumph and Lauren koalas on our behalf. Triumph is a special, 3 legged koala from Northern Rivers in Australia. 

Our adoption funding pays for rhino, elephant and cheetah security and well-being including 24/7 ranger protection and medicines or vet fees when the animals get sick, like Frankie the matriarch elephant did last December.  We also pay for rhino de-horning that happens every year, so that poachers don't attack rhinos.  Last, but not least, we have made contributions towards the vet fees for Frankie when she fell ill in December 2020 and also have contributed towards land expansion of Thula Thula to help protect the natural habitat for wildlife. You can see some pictures of rhinos and elephants at Thula Thula below. 

Learn more about Rhino conservation, and Lawrence & Francoise Anthony's work at Thula Thula here.


And you can see the certificates of adoption here. I have also given talks to students in other schools, and corporates, see here.