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There are a lot of people who are involved in conservation. I started with using art to save Rhinos, and now I have started to adopt some elephants at Thula Thula. I was inspired by Lawrence Anthony, and his wife Francoise's work at Thula Thula. 

The park is home to a famous elephant herd and rescued rhinos (among other animals). Lawrence Anthony's wife, Francoise Malby - Anthony has set up a very important orphanage for abandoned baby animals. Here are some of the books that Lawrence Anthony, and Francoise Malby Anthony have written.

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Rhino poaching

Rhino poaching is a commonly overlooked issue. Poachers often brutally kill and harvest horns of rhinos. This occurs because of high demand in Asia. Rhino horn is made of keratin, that is the same protein that makes up your fingernails.


Lawrence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony was a famous conservationist. He is famous mostly for his work with elephants. He adopted a rogue herd of elephants that were on the brink of being shot. His legacy lives on even though he passed away in 2012, as his elephants have formed a bonding herd.


Francoise Anthony

Francoise founded the Thula Thula game reserve in 1998 with her late husband, Lawrence Anthony. When Lawrence died in 2012, Francoise took over the running of the reserve. She was the driving force behind setting up a wildlife rehabilitation center at the reserve to care for orphaned animals. 

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