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Wildlife Store

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my project. Here is the store where you can support wildlife conservation by buying my original artwork or a set of gift tags. I hope you like my work, and continue to support wildlife conservation around the world!

Cards  & Postcards

Using digital art, I add a splash of color to my graphite sketches and have created cards.  Each card measures 4"x3" -the perfect size for a quick note or even as a gift tag.  The cards come with individual envelopes and are printed on textured 260gsm paper, for a luxurious feel.  Your order can be sent anywhere in the world through regular post.  100% of the profit is donated to wildlife conservation.


    Sketches available

    Here are the sketches that I have drawn that are still available for sale. I hope you purchase some of them, so that the funds can go towards wildlife conservation. 

    If you would like to see my entire portfolio, including those that have already been sold - click here


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