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Say "No" to Selfish Selfies

Just a few months old, you’re stripped away from your parents. You can still hear them calling to you, and you can still feel their presence. You try calling back, but as soon as you open your mouth you are punched in your lips, leaving a bloody mess smeared across your face. Quickly, you’re wiped off, picked up, and placed in the lap of some strange teeth-baring men and women. Hours of this torture turns to days, days to weeks, and weeks to months.

* Based on the real story of a baby chimpanzee, who was used as a photo prop in a Singapore zoo.

This is the heart wrenching reality of animals exploited for pictures. Every day, all around the world thousands of baby animals are taken away from their parents to be abused whilst posing for photographs. The cuteness and exoticism of baby animals often overwhelms people’s moral compasses, making them forget to empathize with these animals. However, the hidden truth is hard to ignore.

Make a difference, never support businesses that exploit animals for photographs and pledge to never take Selfish Selfies.

You can read more about Born Free Foundation's campaign against Selfish Selfies and perspective from Youth Ambassadors here.

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