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I work with conservation organizations across Africa, Europe and Asia.

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Wildlife organizations


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I am an 8th grade student at the
Singapore American School
If an 11 year old can, so can you

Where does ouR MONEY GO?

When I started, all the donations went to Thula Thula, a private game reserve in South Africa, setup by the famous wildlife conservationist, Lawrence Anthony 

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Recently, I have started to support more wildlife organisations across the world:

- Creating sketches of animals rescued by WildlifeSOS, who focus on wildlife rescue and care in India, and run bear and elephant rescue shelters across the country.

- Closer home, I work with Singapore Wildcat Action Group, who work to protect the critically endangered Malayan tiger, and Leopard Cat in Malaysia and Singapore. 

- Finally, I have been selected as the first Youth Ambassador outside of the United Kingdom for Born Free Foundation.

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