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R.I.P Frankie

I am horribly sad to inform you that the beloved matriarch of the special Thula Thula herd, Frankie, has passed away. Due to her unfortunate long term liver damage died a few days ago. Frankie retreated into the thick bush when she died, away from all other elephants and humans. By separating herself from the herd, she ensured that she didn't become a burden to them in her last days.

We will always remember Frankie as a hero elephant who took over matriarchal duties from Nana, when Nana became partially blind with cataract. Many years ago, this herd of elephants were considered rogue, and almost shot to death, before Lawrence and Francoise saved them. Nana and Francoise are mascots for courage, and withstanding terrible adversity.

With Frankie gone, Nana has once again taken on being the full time matriarch of the herd, and is now leading the herd out of the darkness that has fallen upon them.

I hope the best for the herd, and Thula Thula as a whole, because they have been through a lot. In this video, you see the herd of elephants, including Nana and Mabula (Frankie's son) around the Thula Thula reservation; at a loss and grieving for Frankie.

R.I.P. Frankie, a beautiful elephant, and an unforgettable inspiration for this whole project.

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