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Sketching A Solution

Thank you Jane Lee McCracken for publishing my blog - Sketching A Solution - on the importance of art in wildlife conservation.

Drawing for the Planet is a global art and environmental education charity with drawing, at its core. Founded by Artist, Jane Lee McCracken, to share her passions for drawing and wildlife, Drawing for the Planet partners with international wildlife charity Born Free, conservationists, artists, educators and cultural institutions. Through their art, education, exhibition and conservation fundraising projects they give children, communities and wildlife a voice.


As a Born Free Youth ambassador I am honored to be featured by Jane Lee McCracken on World Wildlife Day 2022. This year, the World Wildlife Day theme is "Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration", which focuses on the most vulnerable or endangered flora and fauna on Earth.

Excerpt from My Blog

Centuries of rapid development have led humans to think of themselves as separate and superior to the rest of the inhabitants of the planet which birthed us all. Our pursuit of industrialization has led to the eradication of thousands of species and the destruction of ecosystems that are essential to wildlife. At its core, wildlife conservation is about recreating the bond between humans and animals.

Art evokes emotion. When we celebrate wildlife through art, we trigger powerful emotions for the animals we draw. These emotions can help rekindle the appreciation and respect humans have lost for the natural world. Click here to read more.

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