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Treatment of Frankie

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post of 2021, happy new year!

While COVID made 2020 a tough year, with everybody at home, and Thula Thula struggling, there were rays of hope. I am thankful for the generous donations through my artwork, which is used to keep the wildlife at Thula Thula, happy, healthy, and safe.

Healthy Frankie with her herd, before the health deteriorated

This time, donations have gone towards something different than usual. We normally raise money to adopt rhinos and elephants at Thula Thula. Adoption money pays for security from poachers. However, this time, donations have gone towards the treatment of the matriarch of the elephant herd at Thula Thula - Frankie.

Frankie has been diagnosed with long term liver damage. Your donations have gone towards her vet fees, medicine, and care.

Frankie being diagnosed

About a month ago, Frankie started exhibiting some strange behavior where she would distance herself from the herd, more than usual. The vet came and took a sample of her dung, and all the possible diseases they tested her for came back negative. So everyone thought she was fine. Things were starting to look better. However, about 10 days ago things began to take a turn for the worse. Frankie physically separated herself from the rest of the herd, was really tired, inactive and had oedema on her stomach. An emergency vet had to fly in via chopper, to take blood samples, and ensure she was not in any danger. The vet diagnosed her with long term liver damage. 2 days ago they started treatment, which is liver supplements and cannabis oil delivered through horse pellets (her favorite). It has been only 2 days, but Frankie seems to be a lot better. In fact, the herd tried to visit her yesterday, but she is still keeping a cautious distance from them. She is doing this as the responsible matriarch of the herd, because she doesn't want to slow them down or become a burden. Francoise Malby-Anthony also thinks that Frankie is separating herself on purpose, because it is then easier for the humans to give her what she needs.

Frankie's health improving and she is looking more active

Thank you to all my supporters who have contributed towards Frankie's treatment by choosing my art. Your generosity can save lives.

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